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Roc Tonic: Your trusted healthy body and mind aid!!!

The human system is a chain of virtuous reactions to create a healthy body and mind. On the reverse, an unhealthy body is mostly the resultant of faulty reactions. Tonics are to restore physical vitality and mental balance.

Roc Tonic is then an indispensable universal base for all kinds of treatments.

  • Roc Tonic could be taken three times a day as a body booster and relaxer.
  • Roc Tonic combines well with malarial medication (Malaroc).
  • Roc Tonic combines perfectly with all male sexual vitality treatments (Roc Man, Roc Capsule).
  • Roc Tonic combines effectively with all infectious diseases treatments.


Loss of appetite


Kigelia Africana, Khaya senegalensis


No contraindication has been found now.


Adult: Four (4) table spoonful Three (3) times daily

Children: Two (2) teaspoonful three (3) times daily